[ Women in the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem ]


There seems to be more image than words on this page, and you know.. that suits me fine. Click on any of them to see them full-size.

I first became interested in photography years ago. There was always something just so wonderful about making images that way.

Tower Bridge, London ] When I was in film school, and I had access to their amazing darkroom, I would enter early in the morning, and print until sheer exhaustion and hunger drove me outside, only to realize that I had been in the dark for 12 hours straight.

It's hard to write words about photography, so I'll just let some images speak for themselves. Aside from here, I touched on photography in my abbreviated life story, and in my photography links page.

[ The river Avon at dusk, looking towards Holy Trinity
Church, Stratford-upon-Avon ]

What there is to see here:

Last summer, I went to Israel, camera in one hand, and diary in the other. I came back with hundreds of photos, which I am slowly but surely putting in some sort of order online here.

Including Scenes of Johns Hopkins and Faces of Johns Hopkins.

[ The breezeway next to Gilman hall at Johns Hopkins ] [
Path behind Gilman hall ] [ Crowd at the Kotel on Tisha B'Av ] [
Sunset in Tel Aviv ]

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