Here's my situation: I have a list that is fairly high volume. To weed out the inanities, I have set restrict_post to a second, hidden, list. After approving a bunch of posts by hand for each new user, and after I know they aren't a raving nutter, I add them to this hidden list.

This all works fine.

Unfortunately, I want to set 'get' and 'index' access on the real list to 'list'. With 1.94.4, this uses the restrict_post list to decide if the person should be granted access or not... which is not what I want. I want the *real* list to determine that, and the restrict_post list to, well, restrict posts.

Here's a patch to fix this against 1.94.4. It works by adding a selector "users" to get_access, index_access, and so on. If you use "users", then Majordomo will use the regular listname / listname-digest files to determine if the person is authorized, whether restrict_post is set or not.

Gimme the patch