Software I have written

Here's what I have for you to download at the moment:

A X10 to UNIX control program - control your computer over the power lines!

The Users Patch for Majordomo.
This gets around some of the annoying limitations with restrict_post (like if you set it, it assumes you want every other type of authentication to use it also). This patch against 1.94.4 will let you choose how to handle your authentication.

Xlock binary for BSD/OS
This isn't here any longer as BSDI released it as patch M310-031 (Obviously, I didn't write this, but I needed a place to put it, and this was it).

Patches to allow rdist 6.1.3 to compile on BSD/OS 3
When BSDI took BSD/OS from 2.1 to 3.0 they changed a few entries in the statfs structure which breaks rdist. These diffs will make it happy again.

For the Macintosh:

A very weird program that can translate text into cow-text in various different ways. Comes with several strange mooing sounds, a case of cow-tipping, and more Balloon Help than any program I've ever seen in my life.

Control Strip Toggle
A program to make dealing with Apple's Control Strip software a bit easier. Flip it on or off with a keystroke.

A program to turn off those nightmarish balloons that obsessively follow you everywhere you point! Hit the hotkey again to turn it back on.

A hotkey utility for PowerBook owners to spin down their hard drive on demand.

Constant Message-ID
A handy plug-in for Eudora to allow you to use an unchanging hostname in the Message-ID field

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