Big Scary Message:

All of my photographs and text are
Copyright © 1996-98 by David Shaw

Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's talk...

Non-Commercial / Educational Use:

Permission to use any of my photographs for non-commercial use on the web (i.e. on your personal home page) is hereby granted - just put a link on the page giving me credit. Something like the text below would be just dandy:
Photographs by <a href="">David Shaw</a>

Do me a favor though, and please make a local copy of the picture and don't just link to the one here.

Everything else:

If you want to use a photograph for a commercial net site, in print, or pretty much anything else, please contact me at, and we can discuss it. I am an extraordinarily reasonable person, and (if it is a non-profit use) may well tell you to go right ahead. But do ask first.
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