What on earth?

What's this? Well, once upon a time, just as the great Internet Feeding Frenzy was starting. It occured to me that within a very short period of time, there would be no good domain names left.

What with Procter and Gamble registering every name they could think of (maxfactor.com and vidalsassoon.com, sure. But badbreath.com? pimples.com? DIARRHEA.COM?? Oh, please.) and other examples of domain name idiocy cropping up every day, I despaired being able to get my own domain before every combination of letters that actually spelled anything rational was gone.

So, forgetting rationality, I registered jabberwocky.com for my favorite poem. At first I thought the name was going to be inconveniently long, but a quick parse of the COM zone file revealed some whoppers.

From the insanely oversized html files of "1-ON-1-ADULT-PHONE-SEX.COM" to the truly wonderfully named, but sadly unreachable "CAROLYNBESSETTEKENNEDY.COM" to the completely inexplicable 7777777777777777777777.COM and 8888888888888888888888.COM (since deregistered. What could they possibly have been intended for?), without, of course, forgetting the rather interestingly named "64SLICESAMERICANCHEESE.COM" and "COUNTRYSFINESTLOLLIPOP.COM" (they're really good, by the way) people have already exceeded Jabberwocky's measly 11 characters.

With names like that out there, "Jabberwocky" could almost be considered short. If you want to see a big, ugly name though, do check out the world's ugliest URL.

On the bright side of all this, I have an amazing incidence of accidental hits - do you have any idea how many people type in jabberwocky.com "just to see what would happen"?

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